Buying A Home

To help you get started, we've outlined the key steps to buying a home and detailed the ways we can provide assistance.

  1. Be Pre-Approved for a Loan
    This is the best advantage you can give yourself as a buyer. Sellers will take your offer more seriously and you'll have an edge over buyer who are not pre-approved. Learn more about the benefits of pre-approval and how to begin.
  2. Learn the Market - Register for our Home Finder
    It will provide you with a comprehensive list of available area properties and keep you updated as new homes become available. You will become familiar with what's on the market and how homes are priced.
  3. Choose a Professional
    Having an agent represent you as a buyer puts a knowledgeable, professional negotiator in your corner and it doesn't cost anything. We can match you with the best sales associate, choosing from any of our 700 leading real estate professionals in the area.
  4. Secure Your Loan
    When you find the right home, we can make the process of financing easier with one-stop shopping for a broad selection of lenders and loan products. We'll help you choose the right loan based on your current finances and how long you plan to own your home.
  5. Moving to the Area
    If you are considering a move to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or any of the other communities around the Triangle, we can help. We can provide information on neighborhoods and schools.

"Thanks for all your help. If everyone moving here has as easy a time as I did, you guys will get nothing but big Congrats when it's all over."